Find a High Quality Selection of LED Light Globes Online in Australia

As Australia’s leading supplier of lighting solutions, Electro Lighting boasts an excellent selection of LED light globes for sale throughout Australia. Regardless of whether you require reliable globes for interior, or exterior lights, a ceiling fan or wall mounted fixture, we will have the products you require. From 3w LED candles, to 10w LED GLS globes, find exactly what you’re looking for at affordable prices.

There are numerous advantages to swapping your traditional halogen, or standard globes to an LED equivalent. Not only are they more energy efficient, but they are also cost effective and very durable. Most LED lights only use 15% of the energy your standard halogen uses and create less heat, leaving them cool to the touch. This is one such way you can save money on energy costs, as the lack of heat generated from your globes in hot weather means your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your interior temperature cool.

Why you need to invest in LED globes

Their long life span also makes them more cost effective and will reduce the amount of times you have to replace the globes throughout your property. Avoid the hassle and the expense of continually purchasing inferior globes and invest in some reliable LED globes through our online store.

Fast and reliable shipping throughout Australia

If you were looking to stock up on LED wall lights, outdoor flood lights, or simply required some replacement bulbs, we have everything you could need and more. Simply add your purchases to your cart, follow the purchasing prompts and we will be able to ship your order directly to your door, anywhere in Australia. For orders over $200, we will even ship everything for free. Certain terms and conditions apply, so make sure you have a read of our shipping policy.

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